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We provide ongoing car stacker maintenance for any parking system regardless of make or model

Car Parking Solutions

User Focused, Innovative Technology

Car Stacker Systems

We offer first-grade car stackers and ongoing system management, with friendly customer support from our Melbourne based team. Designing and installing innovative car parking technology to the highest Australian standards while making it user friendly is what we are about.

Line drawing diagram of a manual car stacker
Diagram of a manual car stacker with navy blue vehicles
Manual Stackers

Manual car stackers are cost effective, with a simple design that is easy to maintain

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Diagram of a semi automatic car stacker with navy blue vehicles
Semi-Automatic Stackers

Our semi automatic car parking systems offer flexibility and great space efficiency

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Line drawing diagram of an automatic car stacker
Diagram of an automatic car stacker with navy blue vehicles
Fully Automatic Stackers

Fully automated car parking systems offer large capacity and a valet-style experience

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Competitive Pricing & Honest Advice

We offer free assessments to help you determine the most appropriate car parking solution at the most competitive price. Speak to one of our expert staff and send us your architectural drawings today.

VX Stacker
& Car Turntables

Need something smaller? Our VX model is ideal for putting cars on display in car showrooms, or just for the home garage. Car turntables can be used to solve the trickiest turning circles and narrow spaces, and also for display.

Line drawing diagram of a small residential car stacker
Diagram of a small residential car stacker with navy blue vehicles
VX Stacker

Compact parking system ideal for showroom displays or as a residential car stacker

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Line drawing diagram of a car turntable from birds eye view
Diagram of a car turntable from birds eye view with navy blue car
Car Turntables

Great solution for parking vehicles in tight and narrow spaces, or putting cars on display

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Free Up Space

Number Of Cars

Space Saving

Using car stackers means more space for higher-value uses like extra rooms, offices or green areas

Services & Upgrades


Our technicians will get you set up and ready to park in your car stacker.

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Mobile App

No need for remotes, access your vehicle using your phone

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Car Stacker Repairs

We can repair and maintain any kind of system, any make or model

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24/7 Remote Assistance

Avoid call out fees and let us fix issues remotely or over the phone

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Man wearing yellow hardhat carefully working on many blue electrical wires

Tailored Service Plans

We won’t just install your car stacker and go – our customers mean everything to us. Caring for your system and making sure you have access to the right support is a top priority for us.

Tell us about your requirements and we can create a service plan with exactly the things you need, and nothing more or less.

  • Servicing all makes and models
  • Custom tailored plans
  • Easy transfer to V-Space platform

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Car Stacker Servicing

Having problems with your current car stacker or service provider? We can provide repairs, upgrades and specialised services to parking systems of any make or model

V-Space Commitment

Customer Focused

Creating a positive experience for our customers is as important to us as the technology and the stack car parking system itself. Our services and the way we do things have been shaped by customer feedback.

Whether you’re a builder, architect, developer or owner’s corporation, we’ll go to lengths to give you friendly, accessible advice and assistance.

As a V-Space customer you can:
  • Have direct contact with our team of engineers and specialists
  • Use our Help Centre and contact us to solve stacker problems
  • Let us keep an eye on your system health with 24/7 monitoring
  • Get support from a Melbourne based team with lightning-speed response times
Friendly call-centre girl with red hair wearing headset

Smarter Management

We are a Melbourne based Car Stacker company with many years of industry experience, from planning and design through to installation and servicing. With our combined engineering backgrounds and knowledge of mechanical car parking, we are focused on developing ways to better implement and manage this technology. We create car parking systems that not only save space and construction costs, but are designed to be managed and maintained with minimal effort on the part of the customer, and maximum efficiency.

Some of these ideas include:
  • A transparent reporting system to help you manage your investment
  • Detailed analytics and performance assessments
  • Seamless integration into building automation
  • Offering maintenance and management services for car stacker systems of any make or model

Who We’ve Worked With

Why Car Stackers?

Crowded car park with urban housing in background

A Growing Need

Planning for the most effective use of space is becoming increasingly important as our cities grow. Apartment buildings, large office complexes and other similar buildings can have car parks that take up huge amounts of valuable space.

Developers, architects and others in the industry are realising the potential that a more compact and efficient parking solution offers. Creating space for parking often means digging deeper or building taller, significantly increasing construction costs.

What’s The Solution?

Car stacker parking systems can store vehicles in elevated positions inaccessible in a conventional car park. This reduces the need for ramps and driveways, and other requirements such as lighting and signage. Less excavation and fewer people driving around in carparks also means a smaller carbon footprint.

Space savings with a more efficient parking solution can then be put to better use, allowing for the construction of extra rooms, offices or green areas.

As technology develops we are able to offer an increasingly customisable and versatile range of car stacking systems to suit different types of buildings. From small, compact manual car stackers to large-scale, fully automatic car parking systems, we can tailor the design to maximise the use of available carpark space.

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