User Focused,
Innovative Technology

Our team is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient and creative solutions using state of the art technology. We strive to unlock the hidden benefits of our systems, while providing practical, user-friendly solutions.

Customers First

It is our mission to provide more personal, accessible service and honest advice from a local support team based here in Melbourne.

We want to share our passion for innovation and technology with everyone we work with, and find practical applications people can use every day that will increase efficiency and improve peoples’ quality of life.

If you or someone using one of our systems needs help of any kind, we guarantee that you will always be connected to the right person within moments, every time.

Closeup of the back of an Audi in an underground car park

Smarter Parking

Innovative technology and clever design is what gets us excited. Through years of experience installing parking systems around Melbourne we developed many ideas and some strong opinions on how it can be done.

We came to believe that there were smarter ways of doing things to utilise and manage the technology, help builders and developers with the installation process, and make it more accessible for the everyday people using it afterwards.

We might not be the biggest car stacker company, but we put our heart into our work and can install top quality systems for projects of any size

Delivering Quality

We perform ongoing quality checks on all of our work and the parts that we use. Our suppliers have been carefully researched and selected, and we have ongoing relationships with them. This means you get a quality product that is consistent and reliable every time.

We invest heavily in the training of our technicians and quality control procedures to ensure the same, top quality outcome for each and every installation.

Three open roller doors and a newly installed car stacker in a charcoal coloured garage

Our Core Values


We are constantly improving ourselves and our methods as technology progresses, and new ideas emerge


We will do everything we can to nurture positive and ongoing relationships with everyone we work with


We use the best parts available and write our own software, so we have total control and know our systems inside and out.

Who We’ve Worked With