Automatic Car Stackers

The best solution for storing large numbers of cars. A fully automated car stacker offers an effortless park-and-go experience for users. Simply drive into in the transfer area and your car will be moved to a vacant space, and rotated upon return so you don’t even have to reverse out.

We’re working together with international car stacker design company MPSystem to bring you the latest and most innovative automatic parking solutions on the market.

Their techniques for providing palletless parking and their Duo Robot technology is at the forefront of large-scale mechanical parking design.

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Storage Capacity

30+ vehicles per system
(car, wagon, SUV and van as according to clearance and maximum load)

Available Levels

Multiple above ground, below ground or both

Suits Building Types

High density apartments / office complex


Ideal for parking facilities with ample land and/or building footprint


A good solution for parking facilities with large capacities and extensive areas.


This system is best suited for parking facilities with a relatively compact land area but with extensive structure height allowances.


A good solution for parking facilities with compact land areas and extensive structural height allowances.