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Motor Driven, 2 levels above

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Hydraulic Driven, 2 levels above, 1 below



Motor Driven, 2 levels above, 2 below

Car Parking Solutions Melbourne

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find an affordable convenient space to park your car every day when you head into work. Somehow it seems like all the spaces have been taken, and those that are free will cost you a small fortune to use.

That’s why, here at V Space, we work with clients across Melbourne to provide car stackers that will make securing a park a simple a straightforward process.

For premier car parking systems, Melbourne clients know that our team is the one to contact.

At V Space we have the right automated or semi-automated or manual unit to suit any space, property or business.

Our leading car parking solutions provide Melbourne clients with the option to park multiple cars in the space it would take to store just one.

The V Space directors have backgrounds in technical engineering, and use their experience in electric, mechanical and software engineering to deliver an in-depth and knowledgeable service to each of our clients.

Our products help users to cut down on the collective time needed to enter a parking lot, locate a space, park their car and find the exit again, with their vehicle stored and recalled with the simple push of a button.

Multilevel Car Parking Systems Melbourne

Multilevel parking systems help Melbourne drivers to find a secure and well-located park without the stress and hassle of having to navigate the CBD streets in search of a vacant space.

Here at V Space we have over 10 years of experience providing dependable services in smart car parking systems, and are proud to be recognised as one of the most in-demand names in the industry.

Multilevel systems allow for a greater number of cars to be stored in the same sized location as a normal parking lot or garage. The security benefits are second to none, with these systems greatly reducing the rates of vandalism and the risk of damage from cars hitting each other in a confined space.

Advanced Parking Systems In Melbourne

For clients who are concerned that an advanced parking system will simply make finding a spot to park their car an unnecessarily complicated and confusing process, then don’t worry.

The V Space team will walk you through each step of the simple and easy process, demonstrating just how much time, energy and money you can save by using one of our sought-after systems.

When it comes to innovative and user-friendly parking systems in Melbourne, you simply can’t go wrong with our team of experts.

2-level Car Stacker

Whether you are limited on space, or are looking for the perfect way to safely display your prized car collection, you’ll find the answer with our durable 2-level car stackers.

These smaller units are suitable for offices or apartment parking spaces that can often be taxed for free space at the best of times. You won’t have to risk hitting a neighbour or co-worker’s car ever again as you back out, knowing that their vehicles are safely stored away.

We offer a high-quality range of semi-automatic car stackers to our clients, ensuring they find the right system to suit their demands and needs.

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To see how our services in car stacker and parking systems can benefit you, simply pick up the phone and call the V Space team on 1300 877 223.

V Space provides trusted car stackers to clients across Richmond, South Yarra, Mount Waverley, Southbank, Toorak and all around Melbourne.



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