Car Stacker Upgrades

Are you unhappy with the operation of your current car stacker? Our team is able to upgrade or completely replace system software and hardware components, enhancing performance, reliability and usability.

Optimise Your System

We are able to work on all aspects of car stacker systems. Our diverse range of skills puts us in a unique position to make assessments and offer you the best solution for your building.

Our engineers will come to you and assess your existing system, then offer expert and honest advice on how to fix any issues, and improve performance and usability.

We work closely with body corporates and developers to provide solutions which match your needs for your car parking system.

Close-up of copper coloured chain links for car stacker motor
Close-up of car stacker electrical components and wires

Control System Retrofitting

We pride ourselves as being the only car stacker company in Australia that can offer retrofitted solutions for electrical control systems to meet Australian standards.

With an upgraded control system you will have local support and fast response time. Minimise machine downtime by updating your control panel and fixing any mechanical issues.

Improve Reliability And Useability

We can improve overall functionality and also make your stacker easier to use, ensuring smooth and simple operation, and happy users. Our staff are always happy to explain what is possible.

What Can Be Achieved?

Whether it be a complete system overhaul or individual component changes we can help. Our team will give you all the potential options available for your system, and recommend the most appropriate.

  • Machine control software upgrade
  • Machine drives and/or motor upgrades
  • Sensor upgrades to ensure reliability
  • Rewiring of components to ensure Australian standards are met
  • System gate replacement to ensure reliability
  • Mechanical upgrades to suit your requirements
Close-up of the motor and chain system in a car stacker

Box Hill Project

A black sports car with headlights on driving out of a car stacker

An example of a project in which V-Space conducted numerous repairs and upgrades include the Boxhill project. The site previously suffered from following issues:

  • High technician call outs (with high charge rates)
  • Repetitive user errors which were not correctly identified and billed to the committee instead
  • Repetitive machine errors which were not correctly identified and resolved
  • High parts and maintenance cost
  • Dangerous safety risk where users were able to be trapped inside the machine

By taking over this project the team were able to rectify all the previous issues and provide a more reliable and user friendly solution. This was done by upgrading the system with our in house customised software paired with our remote assistance solution. Both users and the body corporate are happy that they have a reliable system without the previous burden of repetitive and costly system breakdowns.