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Motor Driven, 2 levels above

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Hydraulic Driven, 2 levels above



Motor Driven, 2 levels above, 1 below

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Hydraulic Driven, 2 levels above, 1 below



Motor Driven, 2 levels above, 2 below

Melbourne’s Trusted Name for Car Turntables and all Kind of Parking Solutions

In many carparks space is hard to find, especially when trying to get your car around a tight turn or manoeuvre it between poorly parked vehicles. Unsightly scratches, frustrating dents and broken side mirrors are a common occurrence, with repairs taking time and money to complete.

But here at V Space we have the answer. Thanks to our premium car turntables, Melbourne customers will never have to worry about awkward or unsighted turns in a parking lot, making clumsy and embarrassing bumps and collisions a thing of the past.

Offering 360-degree rotation, car turntables allow your vehicle to easily navigate even the tightest or most confined parking spaces. They are also the perfect option for customers with long and steep driveways that are difficult and potentially dangerous to reverse out of.

Car turntables can help to ease the congestion caused in public parking space by driver trying to execute a multi-point turn, helping to relieve some of the stress and hassle of finding a parking space in a busy lot.

With a product and service range that extends beyond car turntables, Melbourne clients and customers know that the expert team from V Space are the ones to call for any and all smart and advanced carparking systems.

We provide systems to suit both residential and commercial applications, with the right unit to work with your garage at home or the office parking lot.

Our 2-level and semi-automatic car stackers make parking and retrieving your vehicle as simple as pressing a button, with drivers able to enjoy peace of mind knowing their car is stored safely and securely.

We have more than a decade of experience in the car parking systems industry, with our directors utilising their backgrounds in mechanical, electrical and software engineering to provide innovative solutions for each customer.

For a Personalised Car Turntables and Parking Solution, Call Us Today

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For all service and product enquiries, and to learn more about the benefits of our reliable car turntables, Melbourne clients can call the V Space team on 1300 877 223.

Car Turntable for car showroom to showcase new/special car models

V Space provides trusted car stackers to clients across Richmond, South Yarra, Mount Waverley, Southbank, Toorak and all around Melbourne.



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