Customised Solutions

Use your system to its full potential with our custom software, written by us right here in Melbourne. Unlock features and improve safety and efficiency by using something tailored specifically to your system.

Unlock The Potential Of Your System

Don’t get trapped using generic software that can’t be adjusted or upgraded. A custom setup allows your system to easily be upgraded as your requirements change.

Access features such as remote monitoring, site reports and analytics, and mobile app functionality.

Big yellow brain with different computers and mobile devices surrounding and people working
Looking over the shoulder of a man at a computer writing code

Australian Made

By analysing performance after work has been carried out on your system, we can generate individual site reports listing the major key performance indicators (such as the number of callouts) and overall savings.

More insightful reports can be created when you decide to implement Industry 4.0 capabilities to your system. Gain more control over your system and unlock additional features such as system analytic dashboards allowing you to monitor the status of your system real time.

Talk To A Specialist

Want to know what’s possible for your project? Our staff are ready to answer any questions you have about building automation and what you can achieve with custom software.

Why Would I Need It?

Problems retrieving cars and platform collisions are often caused by poorly written software.

Generic or outsourced software is widely available, but using it comes with a degree of risk that something will eventually malfunction. Custom software is created specifically for your machine, which means it will receive tailor made instructions, and make fewer mistakes.

Also, building everything from the ground up puts us in a much better position to provide support. Knowing everything inside and out means we are able to troubleshoot quickly, and diagnose the root cause of any problems so that they may be properly and swiftly addressed.

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