De Park
Premium Designed Car Stacker Systems

Engineered and Made
in Germany

It’s well known that Germany are leaders in the field of mechanical engineering and design. Combined with the highest quality European manufacturing processes, the folks at De Park are producing some of the best car stackers available, of unrivalled quality and dependability.

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Sleek And

An Architect’s Dream

De Park semi-automatic systems are clean and unobtrusive, optimised to utilise every millimetre of space. Their elegant design will easily blend into the surrounding architecture.

Quick & Easy Installation

Their Innovative design uses fewer individual parts, helping to streamline the installation process.


More Room
To Move

Better User Experience

De Park systems combine high-end design with industry-leading German engineering and functionality.

No Barriers For More Space

Eliminating barriers and creating as much flat surface as possible makes getting in an out of your vehicle much easier and allows more room for turning and maneuvering.

Easy To Use

The simple design makes it easy for users to access and to operate, which encourages smooth and error-free performance.


Open Plan

More Open Space

There are no columns needed in front of De Park Semi Automatic systems. Eliminating these columns allows for easier access, and creates a more open and attractive space.

Easy Entry

De Park car stackers also feature a uniquely wide and flat gateway option at the entrance. This gives drivers a bit more room to maneuver and makes parking easier.


Rock Solid

100% German Components

All parts are designed and made in Germany compliant to the highest European quality standards.

Low Maintenance

De Park’s cutting-edge designs use fewer individual parts, which means fewer potential faults and less system downtime.


Not Sure Which System?

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