Body Cooperate and Strata Management

What makes you different?

We are one stop solution company offering our experience in mechanical, electrical, software and project management.

We are struggling to know who has been inducted and usually we lose track, do you have a solution?

We keep our record updated and we happy to retrieve info upon request.

Our Car Stacker or parking system has constant issues / always out of operation, can you help?

We are more than happy to assist, by assessing the cause of the issue and offer a solution either by repairing and reconditioning the car stacker (mechanical, electrical or software and controller replacement ) or by replacement with a new one from our V-Space car stacker range, either way we here to help you with the right decision.

We just have a building with car stacker what is your process of engagement?

We will need the plan showing the title on each car stacker space , we will send you a flyer which can be sent to Tenants showing the process of inductions.

Car Stacker Users and Inductions

What should I do in case of car stacker break down?

Please describe to the technician the details of the alarm message or take a picture for the HMI Screen.

Please make sure the E-stop (emergency stop button is not pressed)

Please follow the car stacker Fault resettling instruction then try press the remote again to retrieve your space, if problem persist please contact us on 1300 877 223 and we will guide you through.

My car doesn’t fit to the car stacker space, what can I do?

It’s strongly recommended to review the car park space dimension prior of purchase or leasing to make sure your car will fit. We engage early by supplying all necessary information to developers with the allowable space and restriction information.

Can I Swap my car parking space with another user?

This will require approval from the car stacker space owner who has his name on the title, this generally need to be approved by the body cooperate. V-Space doesn’t get involved this process.

What should I prepare and expect during my Car stacker induction?

Please arrive on time, our friendly staff will be waiting in front of the car park.

Also, for induction you need to have your intended car you would use to park, make sure the dimensions fit the car space allocated which should be given to you prior.


When is the best time to consult with you regarding your systems?

The best time to consult us regarding our system is during the design stage as then we can advise you of the best layout with maximum utilisation of space with in your budget.

With companies out there bringing in all different kinds of stackers from China, how do we know your machines are reliable and safe?

Instead of us trying to hard sell our systems, we may give you references of our previous customers and current body corporates to ensure you of the reliability of our systems and the excellence of our service.

How can a car stacker benefit me?

From anywhere to saving you costs for parking, allowing you to build extra apartments, getting you permits for building, allowing you to add an extra bedroom, etc the benefits are many.

Where are your car stackers manufactured?

Our car stackers are manufactured in china by a Taiwanese company. We also enhance some of the controls locally bringing it up to AS 5124 and to help us remotely asses and monitor our systems.

How long does it take to get a car stacker from you?

Usually once all the shop drawings are approved and deposits paid, manufacturing is approximately 60 days, shipping 30 days, customs clearance approx. 1 week.

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