Inductions & Training Sessions

Book a one-on-one session with one of our staff and we’ll get you parking.

Make A Booking

Before You Book

  1. You must make sure your vehicle will fit! Please get your space dimensions from your estate agent or body corporate. Your car’s dimensions will be available from your manufacturer.
  2. A free induction may be available – check with your body corporate.
  3. Also ask if there is a remote control available from the previous tenant.
  4. Please note that a fee will be charged for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice.


What Is An Induction?

A car stacker induction is a meeting with one of our staff where you’ll be set up with a space and shown how to use the system. These sessions usually take about 30 minutes.

Do I Have To Have One?

Yes. Inductions are a must-have before you can start parking in a car stacker, and the same goes for anyone else who may be driving instead of you.

What Should I Expect?

On the day of your induction, a staff member will meet you at the carpark. Your vehicle will be measured to ensure that it will fit correctly on the platform, and the platform will be calibrated to suit your vehicle.

Then we’ll explain the process of accessing your platform and parking in your space, and get you to have a go to make sure you’re comfortable with everything.