Semi Automatic Multiparker


The LS21i can comfortably fit eight vehicles – with one level below and one above ground level. Platforms will shift horizontally and vertically when a parking bay is selected to bring the right vehicle to the entry point. This innovative design is best suited for XXXX buildings. A tandem option is also available, doubling the storage capacity.

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Product Features

  • Minimum two grids with five cars
  • One level pit required
  • Lift and slide two level above ground and one
  • Level below ground
  • Low-noise motors and chain driven operations
  • Enclosed system
  • Semi-automatic
  • RF Remote control
  • Complying AS5124:2017
  • Easy-walking floor finishing
  • Maximum space utilisation
  • IP55 rated
  • Allows for easier turning due to better column
  • spacing
  • Easy user interface
  • 24 hour surveilence
  • Remote monitoring with error alert and history



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