Robotic Parking Systems

No pallets, two robots for all vehicles

Free up valuable space and park more vehicles by reducing the need for ramps, driveways, elevators and stairs. A custom-designed automatic system will let you get the most out of your space, making building plans viable where a conventional carpark may not be possible.

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Duo Robot

The Core Of MPSystem

These systems employ cutting-edge technology to offer fast and efficient parking for all vehicles in the tightest spaces. Two small, compact robots work together, lifting up to three tonnes and positioning themselves independently according to the vehicle’s wheelbase.

  • Adapts to ALL vehicle sizes (car, van, ute, SUV)
  • Up to 3,000kg weight capacity
  • Can be used on concrete and steel
    carpark floors


Duo Pro

2 x Slimmer than Duo Robot

This design does everything our Duo Robot systems do but in a slimmer and more compact design.

  • Slimmer and more simplified design
  • Operates in flat floor
  • Reduces floor height


Adapts To All Vehicle Types

Unlike any pallet system, the duo robot can adapt to different vehicle’s dimensions which makes it one size fits all

Weight Capacity Up To 3,000kg


No Structure Required!

A palletless system does not require the steel structure necessary for a pallet parking system, which can make things very difficult in certain projects.

Free Up Space

Doing away with hundreds of pallets, beams and girders means more space is made available to park more cars.

Quick & Easy Installation

A palletless system has fewer parts or storage structure requirements. No platform alignment is needed.

Lower Maintenance

Fewer moving parts and a less complex installation reduces potential faults, eliminates common pallet alignment issues and lowers construction and maintenance costs.


The Ultimate Space-Saver

A fully automatic, palletless parking system reduces the need for ramps, driveways, and passenger access such as stairways and elevators. This extra space can be put to much higher-value use, like adding extra levels to your building.

Conventional Carpark

Palletless System


Preserve The Building Facade

Maintain the aesthetic of your building with the elegant and minimal design offered by an MPSystem Fully Automatic Car Stacker.

Attractive Parking Area

Users will enjoy parking their vehicles in an open and attractive drop-off point.



Easy Access

Users will have no need for remote controls as they can access their car a number of ways, including a mobile app, fingerprint ID scanning and facial recognition.

Accessible Parking Area

The drop of points are even easier to park in than a regular parking space, with plenty room around the car for passengers to easily get in and out.


Multiple Ways To Access

Fingerprint ID

QR Code Scanner

Facial Recognition

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