24/7 remote assistance

Get things fixed faster and avoid paying unnecessary call out fees. If there is a problem, we will provide all the help we can over the phone before sending someone. We will also keep a watchful eye on your system health at all times.

Avoid Costly Callouts

We understand the inconvenience if a system goes down, and the frustration of waiting for help to arrive. Often there are problems that can be solved without needing a visit from the technician, with just a little guidance over the phone.

If you experience any problems with your system we are ready to take your call any time, and will get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

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Looking over the shoulder of a man wearing a headset using a computer with two screens

24/7 Monitoring

We are committed to keeping your system running smoothly, all the time. All of our installations are constantly monitored, and work is continued behind the scenes to diagnose and prevent issues before they occur.

Car stacker problems can be caused by many factors, such as environmental, mechanical or software issues. Then there is also human error. Identifying the exact nature of the problem can be difficult.

By collecting data from your system, our team is able to make a diagnosis quickly should something go wrong, and find a solution before things become serious or costly.

This data also allows us to isolate and address the root cause of a problem, rather than fixing things that may only be symptomic of something else.

What Happens When There’s A Problem?

  1. Our team is notified
  2. We will make a diagnosis remotely
  3. The system will be reset if it is safe to do so
  4. If the fault is not resolved a technician will be dispatched immediately

What Can Be Fixed?

The most common problems can be solved using remote assistance. Some of these include:
  • Someone forgets to close the gate
  • Incorrect parking
  • Lost access key
  • Platform over-travel
  • Slider positioning
If you require any assistance with a car stacker problem don’t hesitate to give us a call or have a look at our Help Centre page.
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Remote Monitoring Features

Our remote monitoring solutions come equipped with the following features to help manage your system

CCTV Cameras
To see your system operating in real time
Alarm history and real time alerts
Keep track of alarms and alert the right person when an alarm is triggered
Fault history and real time alerts
Keep track of faults and alert the right person when a fault is triggered
System Data Logging
Logging of all system inputs and outputs
User restrictions and advanced system control
Finer control over who can use your system
User history
Keep a record of who is using your system