Car Stacker Management

Reduced callouts, lower maintenance costs and a reporting system to make managing your stacker a breeze. We can provide all our services for any system, whether installed by us or not.

Specialised In Helping Strata Management

If you’re a body corporate or strata management member, we are here to make your job easier. We offer 24/7 system monitoring to keep your stacker running smoothly at all times. Our team performs routine preventive maintenance on all of our systems, so you’ll save money on repairs and reduce callouts to a minimum.

Detailed Quarterly Reports
Lower Maintenance Costs
Reduced Callouts
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Fewer Callouts & Fast Response Times

Save money on callouts with a well maintained system. Our team will fine tune your stacker when needed to avoid many problems developing in the first place.

We offer free assessments and advice on how to improve your system performance and reliability.

If you do need help, our technicians will be with you at a moment’s notice.

Customised Service Plans

Let us help manage your car stacker. Choose the services you need to make a plan just right for you, and we’ll send you an obligation free quote


Get easy to follow site reports so you can see exactly where your money is going. Major key performance indicators will be clearly listed, such as:

Monthly Callouts
Machine Up-Time
Callout Report Summary
Preventive Maintenance Savings
Billing Summary
Have The Answers Where You Need Them

Answer your Occupation Committee or residents directly instead of needing to ask us.

Keep A Close Eye On Things

You’ll be able to carefully monitor callout rate, running costs and billing. Listed savings from any premium coverage options you may have selected will help you to optimise your plan.

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Our Approach To System Care

V-Space takes a different approach when performing servicing and maintenance. We don’t complete work and then forget about it, instead our team follows up with assessments against our performance criteria.

Focusing on long-term improvement

Our team is focused on the long term operation of your system, which is why we analyse the performance of all work carried out. This performance feedback is then used in any future work.

V-Space Workflow

We add an extra step to the typical servicing process by analysing performance and collecting data

Flowchart showing: Same as previous but with Analyse Performance step at the end pointing back at the first three steps
Prevention rather than cure

By using this model our team is able to continuously improve, and ensure that your system receives the most effective work possible. This results in improved system uptime with reduced running costs.