Semi Automatic Car Stacker Systems

Parking Systems

Our V-Space stackers are very flexible, parking more cars per cubic metre than most other systems. We’ll work together with you to find the best configuration to make optimal use of your space, freeing up areas for higher-value uses.

Greater range of levels – almost any configuration of up to 3 above and 2 below ground
Integration into building management system (fire indicator panel, main entrance door)
Unobtrusive design preserves the building’s aesthetic
Tandem options minimise excavation costs
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Range Of 5 Levels

Our V-Space car stackers can utilise up to 3 levels above ground and 2 below. This opens up more options in your architectural plans, that may not be possible using other systems.

Multilayered Drive Through

The tandem options available for these systems allow you to go deeper on multiple levels. This cuts down on carriage ways, ramps and spaces for people to turn, and gives the architect even more flexibility with their design.


Better User

Mobile App Control

Tenants can access their platform using the V-Space app on any mobile device. They can also use this to contact us for help if they need assistance.

Wifi Enabled

Users can reach us from underground regardless of whether there is mobile reception using the stacker’s built in Wifi.

Easy Walk Flooring

Another feature included at no extra charge, the flatter surfaces of our platforms make entering and exiting easier and safer.



Lower Construction Costs

The flexibility offered by these systems can reduce the need for extensive excavation. Every level you don’t have to go down will save a significant amount of money.

Use In Place Of Automatic Systems

These systems can be combined together to often achieve the same number of spaces as a fully automatic system, which can range from 2 -4 times the price.

Independent Drive Systems

Every platform has its own drive system, so if one isn’t functioning, it doesn’t stop the whole system.


Not Sure Which System?

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