Moving into a new apartment or office building could mean getting used to parking your car in an automated parking system of some type. Adopting new technology can be daunting, so here are some handy tips for first time car stacker users.

What do I need to know?

A car stacker system is a grid of platforms upon which vehicles can be parked. Using hydraulics or motors, these platforms are shuffled around to store your car once you park in your space, or bring your car to you when you want to leave. This utilises space that would otherwise be inaccessible, allowing carparks to fit many more cars into a smaller area.

You will be allocated a platform, which will be set up according to your vehicle size. Ask your estate agent or ******* for the allowable dimensions of vehicle length, width, height and maximum weight capacity. This information must be accurate, particularly if you do not have a car, and are looking to purchase one with it’s new home in mind. If you are unsure, your safest bet is to check what kind of system is installed. Then, jump online and find out the specifications from the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly.

What is an induction?

To introduce you to the system an induction will be conducted, usually at your expense.*** During this process the technician will measure your vehicle’s dimensions to ensure that it fits safely, and they will give you instructions on how to operate the system.

Top 5 things for new users to remember about operating a car stacker:

1 – Basic Operation
How to call your car’s platform and store/retrieve your car. This will be covered during your induction, and it might be a good idea to take some notes.
2 – How Do I Park?
Do you prefer driving in forwards, or reverse parking? Your platform will be adjusted to accommodate this. You will need to park this way every time.
3 – How To Do A System Reset
This is important to know in case of a system or user error. Performing a reset may solve the issue.
4 – Who do I contact for support?
Make sure you have the contact details of the system provider’s support staff. They may be able to talk you through steps to resolve most minor complications, if that is a service they offer.
5 – What do I do if it breaks down?
A well maintained stacker will be safe and reliable, but any mechanical system can have breakdowns. Service staff would be dispatched to carry out any repairs, but you may have to be prepared use public transport if you cannot access your car.

So who do I call if I need help?? 1300 V-SPACE

Depending on the company handling the stacker system, the level of support may vary. V- Space focuses very much on user-interaction, and we offer direct contact with our team of qualified engineers to help with anything you might need. If you are experiencing any problems call the number above to talk to someone. We also monitor our systems 24/7 and a technician will be promptly dispatched the moment there is an issue.

What if I lose my remote control?

Our systems can be accessed using an app that can be installed on any device, so there is no need for a separate remote control. Install it on your phone or tablet, and if this gets lost you can install the same app on your laptop or PC, so that you can still retrieve your vehicle.

Mechanical car parking is here to stay, and its use will continue to increase as our cities grow. As with most new technology, there is a period of uncertainty while it is introduced, but with the right instruction and service it will become a normal part of your daily routine. It will provide added safety and security for cars, and a much more efficient use of space.